Nancy Ross Brewer is Your Ideal Freelance Direct Response B2B Copywriter & Web Copy Specialist:

Short on Learning Curve, Long on Contributions.

Hi, I’m Nancy Ross Brewer, a Direct Response B2B Copywriter & Web Copy Specialist with 20+ years of business experience. 

The words I write help companies like yours demonstrate industry thought leadership — generate and nurture leads — retain customers  — and convert leads to sales.

I help your B2B enterprise grow.

Are you a marketing professional — or a business owner — with lots of great ideas but not enough time or staff to pull them off? Could you or your staff use an occasional professional assist?

Let's make your work life easier!

Work with a highly skilled, well-trained Direct Response B2B Copywriter & Web Copy Specialist.

You probably want to work with a copywriter who's not a prima donna. Someone who listens well ... works well with others ... and who doesn't need a lot of hand-holding. Someone like me.

Free up your time for other important work, and let me get that marketing project done for you.

Communicating complex ideas simply — and persuasive communication — have long been hallmarks of my personal brand.

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Persuasive Direct Response Copywriter & Web Copy Specialist Writes More Effective Print & Online MARCOM.

Effective marketing copy persuades potential customers that your products and services meet their needs — ultimately better than the competition. An experienced direct response B2B Copywriter can:

  • Persuade prospects to share contact information ... enter into a relationship ... and start a dialog. Giving your Sales folks permission to engage.
  • Help decision makers understand how your products or services provide the benefits that they care about.
  • Convince them your offer is different – and better – than the competition. Ultimately leading to a signed contract.

Achieving this consistently requires a solid understanding of Buying Committee dynamics. Multiple departments, recommenders, and decision makers — each with different priorities — may be involved.

Achieving it online requires specialist training. The way people read and interact online is simply different.

Marketing folks "get" this, and live it every day.  

Does your marketing copy reflect it?

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What Sets Me Apart From Other Freelance B2B Copywriters? In-Depth Business Experience & A Short Learning Curve.

I understand the different priorities of Management, IT, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support.

Because I’ve worn most of those hats in my career, I can "speak" to each — and address a mixed bag of Buying Committee needs. Their issues and priorities are familiar to me.

That means less of your time spent educating me about your business, sales process, and customers.

Ideal clients reflect my 20+ year experience base: IT and business consulting, technology providers, and management / executive training firms.

Certainly, I'll need to research and study your company and industry — and to work hard. But my learning curve will be shorter than most ... resulting in swift contributions to your business.

My objective is to become your "go-to" freelance B2B Copywriter & Web Copy Specialist, marketing consultant, and education partner.


Put my business knowledge to work for you. 

Focus me on your success. 

A short learning curve sets me apart.

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