Nancy Ross Brewer's Professional Background Makes Her Your Ideal B2B & Online Copywriter and Preferred Marketing Partner:

Short on Learning Curve — Long on Contributions.

Nancy's freelance business is Ross Brewer Copywriting. Her focus tends to be (but is not limited to) B2B & Online Copywriting for industries comprising her professional background ...

...  notably IT and business consulting, technology provider, and management / executive training firms.

Communicating complex ideas simply, and persuasive communication, are hallmarks of Nancy's personal brand.

Nancy's professional career involved working — and communicating  — with all organizational levels. This included C-suite and Board-level communications. She can help you do it, too.

She's skilled at working strategically and tactically, as needed. What assistance do you need?

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A Freelance B2B & Online Copywriter focused on YOU.

Nancy will help your company grow. How will she do that?

With professional copywriting & web writing skills she'll deliver the MARCOM materials you need for all stages of your sales cycle. Nancy offers services to help achieve your goals:

  • Establish and maintain industry thought leadership, so you're on your prospects' radar screens when it's time for them to buy;
  • Develop key marketing messages for your products / services that "speak" to your prospects' needs;
  • Generate high-quality leads. Engage those prospects and move them them through your sales cycle;
  • Nurture customers with engaging content; and
  • Develop and maintain your website content and web marketing programs.

She'll help you solidify ideas to take your marketing projects to the next level.

Nancy hopes to become your "go-to" freelance B2B & Online copywriter and preferred marketing partner.

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Nancy is a freelance B2B & Online Copywriter with deep professional experience.

Nancy's professional background included Business & IT Consulting; Executive & Management Training; Project, Program & Portfolio Management; Software Development, Sales & Marketing; and many levels of management responsibility.

Nancy's education involved a BBA in Finance, MBA in International Business, and Stanford Certification in Project Management (SCPM). She studied writing with Longridge Writers' Group and B2B & Online Copywriting with American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI).

Nancy is an AWAI Verified™ Direct Response copywriter.

Early in her career, Nancy learned (and taught others) to design and develop complex computer systems — in Andersen Consulting's renowned staff development programs.

And she developed regional software marketing and world-wide Product Management functions for Andersen's software CASE tools.

Following her successful time at Andersen, she moved to Europe where she held a faculty position (Management of IT & Decision Science) at Ashridge Business School in Hertfordshire, England.

Nancy was the recipient of exclusive executive development training when the Inovant/Visa Executive Team named her a High Performer twice ... as Vice President & again as Senior Vice President.

Her full résumé outlines — in addition — her management roles with Visa (in Europe and the US), in which she carried responsibility for high-dollar budgets, strategic projects, and large teams.

Nancy brings all of this experience to bear on your marketing projects.


Nancy is your ideal freelance B2B & Online Copywriter and preferred marketing partner.

Nancy is a member of The American Marketing Association (AMA), AWAI's Circle of Success (COS), The Professional Writers' Alliance (PWA), and a Platinum Member of B2B Writing Success and The Wealthy Web Writer.

A short learning curve sets Nancy apart. 

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