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B2B Copywriting Portfolio

You’ve landed on my B2B copywriting portfolio page. I'm so pleased that you're looking at my work!

You must be interested in working with a freelance Direct Response B2B Copywriter & Web Copy Specialist. If so, be sure to choose someone that’ll make your work life easier, who will help achieve your marketing goals.

Choose someone like me.

If you clicked through my website before landing here, you've already seen my writing on display.

Many Master Copywriters in the direct response industry say, "Your freelance website is the best sample you can show."

But are you looking for something specific? I hope you’ll find an example here that meets your needs… If not, please let me know.

B2B Copywriting Portfolio Categories:

I wrote these pieces for clients — for professional development programs — or just for fun! (Seriously, I practice the writing craft daily.

Most portfolio samples are PDF files you may download or print. Embedded links take you to clients' websites.

I'll update this portfolio with new and different samples on occasion. If you're looking for something specific, please contact me to ask about it!


Let's Work Together to Persuade Your Prospects

Direct response marketing is “the gentle art of persuasion.” Convincing prospects to take action, from a simple “click here” to “buy now!”

You may want to persuade prospects to give you their contact details — to download a white paper or case study — to read your company e-newsletter — or (eventually) to buy your products or services. I can help you with all of that.

So what types of persuasive writing have I done? Well, my professional persuasive writing experience didn’t begin as a copywriter. One could say it developed over 25+years… during my professional business career.

Throughout my corporate career, writing was a daily task. Proposals, memos, status reports, special reports, process documentation, and emails — Lots and lots of emails!

At first was the need to help sell consulting services and software... To explain technologies to potential software buyers... And to communicate company, team, project, and process information. In short: to explain and to persuade.

Clients — of various levels — were the target audience during consulting days. As were teammates, other colleagues, and the Partners with whom I worked.

In the latter stages of my career, I wrote to persuade executives to take a particular course of action.

Like to approve an increase in technology funding, or to approve a recommended IT project portfolio. And occasionally, to reconsider an earlier decision

…That was particularly challenging!

So whatever your challenges today, I’d be delighted to help persuade YOUR ideal prospects

to become customers.


Many types of MARCOM materials help do the job — whether in print or online.

Contact me to get started!