Writing Well About Technical Subjects Usually Means:  Explaining Complex Ideas Simply.

Combine that with Diligent Research and You've Really Got Something!

B2B Copywriting Portfolio: Explain Complex Ideas Simply

Nancy applies in-depth business experiencea technical backgrounddiligent research — and the ability to explain complex ideas simply to all of her copywriting work. So you receive original content you can be proud of.

Much of her corporate career involved explaining technical IT matters to non-technical business folks. Her freelance copywriting work to-date includes explaining complex subjects in the IT and medical supply sectors.

These portfolio successes demonstrate the types of results she achieves.

[What is VoIP?]


[TENS Units]


[Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms]


A favorite "technical writing" task was researching and writing an article about HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), "How Do Hyperbaric Chambers Work?" I learned so much! It was written on behalf of a client owner at Rehabmart, LLC. You can find it here on their website.


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