What Others Say (Testimonials)

Testimonial: Savvy Technical Writer — Quick Learner

Lives Up to Her Claims

Stiliyan Bezhanski, Owner, Alliance Phones

"Nancy wrote a direct mail lead generation campaign for Alliance Phones, a VoIP service for small businesses. She lived up to her claims: a quick learner who communicates technical information simply. who also focused on my success. Nancy helped solidify ideas for the campaign, was flexible on the approach and delivered more than expected. On time.

"Nancy provided valuable feedback on our existing marketing, which was above-and-beyond expectations. She's a trusted colleague who's a pleasure to work with. I recommend her copywriting services with no reservations."


 Testimonial: Solid, Reliable Professional

Work is excellent: Well Researched, Well

Written, Informative

Bill Stock, Executive Editor Content & Social Media Services, Rehabmart, LLC 

"Nancy has written more than 30 Category Descriptions for the Rehabmart website and I look forward to accepting more from her in the future. Her work is excellent. No matter how complex the medical device or the underlying conditions for its use, Nancy's work is always well-researched, well written and informative.

"This is exactly what we need. Nancy's a solid professional who is one of our most reliable freelance writers. I find her a pleasure to work with and frequently seek her input and ideas. I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy's copywriting services."

Testimonial: Excellent Writer, Fresh Perspective

Benefit-Focused — Perfect Balance — Daring

Steve Slaunwhite, author, The Everything Guide to Writing Copy

On an Email assignment: "Excellent copy, Nancy.  Specifically:

  • Clear and benefit-focused subject line and message headers.
  • You struck a perfect balance between promoting the trade show and promoting the product. Well done.
  • Motivating call to action.
  • Nice conversational style.

"Great job on this assignment. You're a very good writer."

On a Webpage Rewrite assignment: "Nancy demonstrates fresh strategic thinking about product benefits. She isn't afraid to 'step outside the box' to find new benefits and a fresh perspective about the product. 'Rules' don't always apply in copywriting. Nancy approached headlines differently, and it worked. I felt motivated to read more — which is what a headline should do. Her approach worked. Nicely done!"

On an E-Newsletter Ad assignment: "Your headline is daring and attention-grabbing, highlighting a feeling every sales person will recognize. This ad is well written and solid. Well done!"



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