Copywriting Services: B2B & Online Words That Sell.

Generate high-quality leads and convert them to sales ...

Isn’t that what your business is about — increasing sales?

Sales growth relies on high-quality leads, and plenty of them!

That’s where I fit in.

Excellent marketing communications — targeted to your prospective buyers — will fill your sales funnel with leads.

A variety of MARCOM materials keeps them focused on your products and services at each stage of their buying journey.

How do we do that?

You'll tell me what makes a lead good for your business  ... who are your ideal prospects?

We'll develop MARCOM materials to attract those leads, and keep them focused on your solution all the way to a sales contract.


Ross Brewer Copywriting specializes in B2B marketing communications, both online and print. I help you demonstrate thought leadership, generate and nurture high-quality leads, convert leads to sales, and retain customers — through services focused on:

“Content Marketing”  is a broad category encompassing many MARCOM materials. Discussed by marketing experts as "story telling with a purpose," content marketing is how companies tell their stories. The stories of their products and services.

I delight in writing various forms of content, and offer these content pieces most commonly used for B2B marketing. (To help you plan for focused results, I've sprinkled many of them throughout the service categories too.)


Most B2B companies use both Online and Print media. Many materials can be repurposed / reused, from one to the other. Doing this will expand your reach and increase your return.

For example, if you need a white paper written to help establish or retain your leadership position in the industry, why not repurpose that investment into several other marketing pieces? Perhaps:

  • Create a handful of blog posts,
  • Write an e-book,
  • Develop a webinar,
  • Publish a new web page,
  • ... the possibilities are almost endless.

I can help you repurpose existing content, and craft new content that "speaks" to  your prospects and customers.


Don't see something you're looking for? There is a spectrum of possibilities ... Let's discuss your needs, and how I can help.