Key Message Platform Service

Limited Marketing Budget? Spend your marketing dollars wisely on a Key Message Platform.

Your Key Message Platform will serve as the “master message document” from which you, your marketing staff, or freelance copywriters can develop all of your essential marketing pieces. It's intended "for internal use only" to set you up for success!

Ensure that your marketing materials have consistent, powerful, and benefit-driven sales statements, with a consistent tone and message — whether for traditional, digital, or social media campaigns.

“It’s a simple fact. When customers are presented with unclear, inconsistent, or muddled marketing messages, they instinctively say ‘no,’ and move on. However, creating consistent selling statements throughout a marketing campaign can be difficult.”

So says Casey Demchak, the award-winning B2B copywriter & consultant who created this unique marketing tool.

The Key Message Platform (KMP) is a comprehensive document that contains all of the relevant marketing and selling statements about your product or service.

I’ve studied the KMP with Casey, and am happy to offer this service to you. It's often the best first step.

 Ideal for new businesses — a new product launch — or the re-launch of an existing product or service...

...The Key Message Platform (KMP) is the place to start.

Make it your springboard for creating a wide range of

high-impact marketing materials.

Once I develop your KMP, your products & services — prospect/customer base — approved messaging — and preferred voice will be very familiar. Additional marketing materials you ask for afterwards will be priced at a significant discount.

I also offer discount pricing on package deals!

Contact Nancy Ross Brewer to get started!