Online Copywriting Services / Web Services

“Online” describes most of our lives these days: From reading the news, to checking on family, to conducting business.

Websites, Emails, Blogs, and more — all have specific vocabularies, conventions, and specialisms.

Online Copywriting requires specialist training to be valuable. While much is similar to print copy, the way people read and interact online is different. A well-trained web copywriter understands this.

Cutting through the noise, grabbing — and holding — audience attention, and making websites easy to navigate and effortless to "skim" are but a few of the challenges.


I offer this growing list of online copywriting services:

  • Website Planning
  • Website Pages:
    • Front Page and General Inside Pages
    • In-depth Product / Service Description Pages
    • Executive Bios (including executive interview)
    • Sales Page or “Landing Page” to Generate Leads
    • Sales Page or “Landing Page” to sell Digital Products (software, information products, subscription services)
  • Website Reviews
  • Email (standalone promotion or announcement)
  • Email Campaigns (lead generation) & Auto Responders
  • E-Newsletter (plan and/or execute, one-time or ongoing)
  • Blog Ghostwriting
  • Blog Posts

If there is something else you need, let’s talk about it.


Each time Google announces changes to their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards, marketing professionals shudder.

The April 2015 Google change for non-Mobile Responsive websites had huge worldwide impact. There were winners and losers.

It's no longer sufficient to have a website. It must be accessible from any device that can take a prospect to the Web! And be easy to find.

SEO is different for B2B companies in several ways:

  • 90% of all B2B product searches begin online.
  • One cannot rely on tools to define the appropriate keyword phrases (as in B2C).
  • The B2B sales cycle is longer, requiring more targeted online content at each phase of the buying process.

For these reasons, the right online presence is critical for B2B companies. You need a good website — with good content referenced by others — to help the B2B buying cycle “move along.”

Why not work with a copywriter who is specially trained in Web 2.0 copywriting and let her keep your website optimized to meet your business goals?

Keeping up with frequent search engine changes is part of my ongoing professional development plan and commitment. 

Contact me to discuss your online copywriting needs.

A short learning curve sets me apart.