What are the Benefits of Working With an Experienced, Senior-Business-Professional Turned B2B-Copywriter?

There are Many!

Your success is what our working relationship is about.

Here are a few highlights, notes on my work style, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Business Processes

  • Business processes — business models  — and good business practices aren't foreign to me. I've worked in several industries, and for major companies. Planning and executing projects with consistent processes leads to better, more consistent results.
    • That said, the best processes are flexible and allow for short-cuts when warranted.
    • Among my favorite professional roles was a faculty position at a small, British, management college. There wasn't a process to be found! I developed a tolerance for ambiguity, greater flexibility, and the ability to "read between the lines."
  • Tailor-made processes drive my copywriting work, from our first exploratory conversation through to project completion. Your success is my focus throughout.
  • Simply let me know about your company's relevant processes and policies. I will respect and follow them for your project.

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Copywriting & Consulting Fees

  • My rates are professional-level copywriting rates, calibrated through B2B copywriting experts. They reflect the experience and professional training I bring to your projects.
    • Fees are quoted per project for copywriting work.
    • Consulting is billed by the hour.
  • Written deliverables come with a revision commitment (two rounds, if needed). Beyond that, let's talk.
  • Once we agree on services and fees, I'll ask for a deposit of 50% prior to starting the project.

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How We'll Get Started

  • Work with a new client typically begins with a phone conversation. During this complimentary meeting, we'll discuss your company —  products and services — project needs  — and project success factors. Your desired timeframe and available budget also help determine the fit for my services.
    • Objectives for the conversation are:
      1. to ensure we're a good fit for working together;
      2. to gather the information needed to craft a solid proposal for your consideration; and
      3. to address your questions.
    • A proposal normally can be delivered within 24 hours.
    • Or, if you prefer, we can simply agree on scope and fees and get started!
  • To prepare for a good kick-off meeting, and to make the best use of our time, I'll ask you to provide useful background materials not available through your company's website.

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What's Nancy Like to Work With?

  • Clients say that Nancy is a pleasure to work with, reliable, and flexible. Nancy says:
  • I'm not a prima donna — and don't bruise easily. Of course, I hope you to love my work! If, however, I miss the mark, please "tell it to me straight."
  • Integrity and ethics matter to me. I won't fib to you, nor will I bill more than agreed for my services.
  • Successes and failures are part of life. I've achieved enough success in my career to be confident in my capabilities. A few failures taught me not to be over-confident, to always respect others' opinions, and that it's possible to learn from every situation.
  • When you contract my freelance services, my focus is to help achieve your objectives... After all, it's Your project.
  • My goal is that together, we'll be successful.


I hope this addressed your most important questions. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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